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Many people believe that growing a business is extremely hard and it takes some sort of super power to achieve business success. But actually there are four ways to grow a business and none of them are rocket science. Acquire more customers Get your customers to buy more from you Get your customers to buy more often Retain your customers…

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Closing His Funeral Home….for good

He was closing his funeral home for good. That was the message I received from a funeral home owner recently. He had reached out to me with the hope that I had a magic wand and could somehow save his business….but it was too late. About a month earlier, we had a lengthy phone conversation in which we dissected his…

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How Facebook’s Change Could Hurt Your Call Volume

It’s fairly common practice today for funeral homes to leverage social media to help families spread the news about the loss of a loved one and the service information. The most common scenario is for the funeral director to share the obituary from the funeral home website out to their business Facebook page. Families then share it from the funeral…

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