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My Back Story

Many people believe that growing a business is extremely hard and it takes some sort of super power to achieve business success. But actually there are four ways to grow a business and none of them are rocket science. Acquire more customers Get your customers to buy more from you Get your customers to buy more often Retain your customers…

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If You Confuse, You Lose

There is a fundamental principle in marketing that says a confused mind will never buy anything. If for some reason they are forced to buy they will always minimize the transaction. So how does this apply to a funeral home business? Let me tell you the story of a call I had recently with a funeral home owner. To protect…

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Closing His Funeral Home….for good

He was closing his funeral home for good. That was the message I received from a funeral home owner recently. He had reached out to me with the hope that I had a magic wand and could somehow save his business….but it was too late. About a month earlier, we had a lengthy phone conversation in which we dissected his…

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