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Many people believe that growing a business is extremely hard and it takes some sort of super power to achieve business success. But actually there are four ways to grow a business and none of them are rocket science. Acquire more customers Get your customers to buy more from you Get your customers to buy more often Retain your customers…

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How Google is Going to Destroy Heritage Cremation Providers

Right now, somewhere in your community is a person who needs a funeral home. Maybe they are at a hospital sitting beside the bed of their aging parent who is about to pass. Knowing their parent prefers cremation, they pull out their cell phone, open up Google and search for “cremation service near me”. Will they find your funeral home?…

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What Google has been up to (part 1)

In my last blog post, I mentioned that Google has been making changes and that those changes are making it harder for you to connect with families and win the call. Here’s a little background and some examples of what they’ve been doing. The #1 clicked on part of the Google search results for any local business is the three…

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The Funeral Home Owner’s #1 Job

Owning any business is a challenge. You’ve got customers to satisfy, cash flow to manage and every now and then it would be nice to be able to get home from work in time to see your kid’s baseball game. Funeral home owners are no different than the vast majority of small business owners. They are trained in a specific skill…

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If You Confuse, You Lose

There is a fundamental principle in marketing that says a confused mind will never buy anything. If for some reason they are forced to buy they will always minimize the transaction. So how does this apply to a funeral home business? Let me tell you the story of a call I had recently with a funeral home owner. To protect…

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