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How Facebook’s Change Could Hurt Your Call Volume

It’s fairly common practice today for funeral homes to leverage social media to help families spread the news about the loss of a loved one and the service information. The most common scenario is for the funeral director to share the obituary from the funeral home website out to their business Facebook page. Families then share it from the funeral…

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Is TV Advertising Right For You?

I’ve had a bunch of emails from funeral home owners over the past couple of weeks asking my opinion on television advertising. Apparently, one of the big marketing firms in the industry is doing a big push on this subject. I thought I'd share my views to my blog followers. First, I am definitely not opposed to television advertising. It…

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The Biggest Expense in Your Online Marketing

Just a few years ago it was common for a funeral home’s biggest expense related to online marketing to be the development of their website. A new website was often custom development project and could cost $10,000 or more. I have met multiple owners who paid over $30,000 for a website that supported online arrangements (which families didn’t use). Thankfully…

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