The Future of Marketing Your Funeral Home

300-webGuest post written by Tyler Fraser

John Callaghan, owner of Funeral Success, creates strategies for internet marketing for funeral homes and shared his insight with Tyler Fraser on Funeral Radio. John and Tyler recorded an interview called†The Future of Marketing Your Funeral Home; this show had lots of great insights to help your funeral home use the internet.

The funeral industry is not leading internet marketing, rather following. And this is something I think needs to change. But at trade shows like the ICCFA and the NFDA, there seems to be an influx of young minded individuals that are working to push things forward.

There are four steps in the process of inbound marketing:

1. Starting point to connect with a person online, attract attention by producing related and valuable content.
2. Convert a visitor to your website into a lead by providing an offer like a discount or free offer.
3. Close the sale (known as arranging in the funeral industry).
4. This step is called delight, you should exceed their expectations (this leads to positive reviews online).

The most effective ways to make people aware of your funeral home is Facebook because it has the most potential. If you have Facebook followers, it shows social proof to new customers, gaining their respect. Make sure you link to your Facebook page from your website, and vice versa. The largest market on Facebook is baby boomer women (women aged 45 to 65). You can target this demographic in your area on Facebook. Google local listings is also effective because it gives the public your contact info and if your funeral home has more than 5 reviews, it will show stars next to your name. You can also ask previous customers for reviews, and when you have enough, link to your Yelp and Google local pages from your website.

Blog topics that perform well in gaining traffic are price related, such as ìcost of cremation.î Direct cremation does not perform well because it is an insider term. Writing a blog post about the cost of cremation does not mean you must have the lowest cost or mention your prices; itís about getting the traffic to your site.

Tyler Fraser is the owner of UPD Urns†- a company that imports and distributes cremation urns and jewelry. Aside from providing funeral homes with memorable urns and keepsakes, he also hosts two shows on his podcast network Funeral Radio: Funeral Startups, and Funeral Services and the Web. An active member of business and community events in the greater Washington D.C. area, Tyler is constantly innovating and has recently pioneered 3D printed busts for funeral homes and memorials. To contact Tyler visit

John Callaghan

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for Funeral Business Builders

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