Funeral Vendor Services

Over the years, I have had hundreds of inquiries from vendors to the funeral home industry asking for guidance on marketing their products/services to funeral home owners and the families they serve. Inquiries have come from everything from startups with great ideas to well-established corporations looking to fine tune their marketing strategy. Most inquiries (especially the startups) result in just great conversations and some creative brainstorming. But from time to time, I have agreed to take on a vendor as a client and help them grow their business.

Below are some of the way that I help funeral industry vendors

  • Marketing Strategy Audit
  • Developing of a customized growth plan
  • Sales funnel design and development
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Lead closing strategies
  • Trade show follow up systems
  • Marketing message development
  • Client relationship nurturing systems
  • Keynote speaker for customer events
  • Workshops for customers and potential customers
  • and more…

My goal continues to be to help great funeral home owners win more calls and serve more families. If you have products or services which can help owners grow, feel free to contact me at 888 504 2980.

John Callaghan, Funeral Success Marketing

PS: Please note that most startups cannot afford my monthly retainer (minimum $5,000/month) unless they are VC backed. As much as I’d like to help, if you have no budget there is not much I can do to for you.