Most funeral home owners struggle to grow their business. We teach, and follow, a unique marketing process that helps you win more calls, serve more families and restore your position in the community without making you feel like a “salesman” or compromising your values.

The first step is to create a marketing message and supporting content that clearly communicates the value of working with your firm to local families. All marketing and advertising (both online and traditional) is a complete waste of money if you do not fix your marketing message first!!

How We Help You Win More Calls

  1. Study the Book

    Order your copy of the Funeral Business Master Plan book

  2. Funeral Business Builder Workshop

    Join to learn the secrets to growing your business

  3. 60-Day Strategic Marketing Upgrade

    Problems with price shoppers? It's time for a 60-Day Strategic Marketing Upgrade. Exclusive license in your market.

  4. Tactical Marketing Services

    Facebook management, Google My Business ranking, website SEO

  5. Private Client (Exclusive Relationship)

    We work with you one-on-one to transform your business. Best suited for 300+ call firms.

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Client Testimonials

"I had a bunch of unrelated but important marketing problems. John helped us create an overall plan and then worked with us through the implementation. He was terrific at sorting through the confusion, addressing the real problems and crafting excellent solutions that work."

David Shipper, Indiana Memorial Group

"John Callaghan is more than a marketer. He has his finger on the pulse of funeral service nationally and will help your firm raise the standard of excellence. The great Peter Drucker says all business hinges on innovation and marketing. John Callaghan will help you with both. Guaranteed! "

Stephen Aldridge, Stanly Funeral and Cremation Care

"Our funeral home has been working with John Callaghan for nearly a decade now. John’s fresh perspective and profound knowledge of marketing has been most helpful. As the marketing medium has moved to a digital world, his insight has been invaluable to our firm. He is not just merely a consultant but a valued member of our team. "

David Perotto, Bartolomeo & Perotto

"Good morning! Hope this finds you well! Things have been busy here! All good! I believe we have benefited greatly from your analysis and perspective. The tools developed have generated positive response and feedback. Our relationship has been solid and beneficial! Many thanks for your time and efforts! "

Mark Clarke, Henry Funeral Home

"What impressed us most, were his communication skills both in written language and verbal. John has a way with words and manages to convey a message in the most convincing and eloquent way. We came away from our experience with him feeling re-charged , re-focused and ready to make a fresh start."

Paolo Bassi, Kane & Fetterly

What Makes us Different

When it comes to growing their business, many funeral home owners are struggling. The idea of growth has been replaced with striving to just make ends meet.

Sadly, the long-entrenched marketing agencies in the funeral industry offer a style of marketing that may work for large corporations with massive budgets but is completely ineffective for funeral homes. As a result, your hard earned, and limited, marketing budget is wasted.

John Callaghan

John Callaghan presenting at a recent ICCFA

The results achieved by Funeral Success clients shows that growth is indeed possible. The secret to our success is that we help you fix your marketing message before considering the media to deploy the message (website, advertising, social media, etc.).

When you have the correct marketing message, families see your funeral home as the obvious choice…regardless of price.

When you have the wrong (or no) marketing message, families see you as a commodity…and they will price shop you.

Our founder, John Callaghan, is an experienced Business Growth Consultant and who has worked in over 20 different industries. He approaches the funeral business from a fresh perspective and with a powerful, and proven, suite of marketing tools.

After working with hundreds of funeral home clients throughout the United States, Canada and Australia he has created a proven process that is encompassed in the Funeral Business Builder Master Plan. He has created as a way for business owners to learn how to follow the master plan to grown their business. Inside you will find additional information about the Strategic Marketing Upgrade Workshop and how to become the Certified Farewell Experience Provider in your market. From time to time, we accept one-on-one private clients. The application for an exclusive private client relationship can be found inside

Our mission is quite simple….to help exceptional funeral homes owners win more calls and serve more families. If you do an amazing job of serving families but your marketing looks like every other funeral home in your area, join With our guidance, your future can be much brighter than you ever dreamed possible.

Want to see the plan for growth?

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“After months of my son attempting to convince me that our business could benefit from a different outlook on things like, social media and marketing, we began working closely with John Callaghan in August of 2015.

John took the time to complete an in-depth analysis of our business and came up with several cutting-edge recommendations and worked with us every step of the way to implement them effectively and quickly.

The result……. 2016 was our best year ever and not by a little, by a lot. I know that we have a much better outlook now on this rapidly changing industry and are positioned for even more growth. I strongly recommend John and his team. Want more details?  Call me anytime!”

Garrett Casey Sr., Casey’s Eastside Memorial, Waterbury CT

(in case you’re wondering….they continued to grow in 2017 and surpassed their 2016 numbers)

Cost of Not Taking Action

Impact on You

  • Lost revenue (smaller nest egg for your family)
  • Smaller staff (so you work constantly)
  • More competition (discounter cremations, low cost funeral homes)

Impact on The Families in Your Community

  • Underserved by other funeral homes
  • Do not benefit from a healing memorial experience
  • Questioning the value of ANY funeral service

We Help You

Win More Calls

By teaching you how to follow and implement the Funeral Business Builder Master Plan

Serve More Families

We will help you serve families even if they do not want a traditional funeral.

Grow Your Business

More revenues & bottom line's possible with our guidance.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Watch the Webinar to learn the Master Plan


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